Zoozoogames Numbat Escape Walkthrough
Numbat Escape is a Kind of Point and click new escape game. created By Zoozoogames Team. Numbat once visited the village forest which is located near riverside. The tribals live in the village forest. Numbat goes to everyone's home and scatters all the food items. An angry tribal person locked the numbat in the cage. The son of angry tribal person loves numbat and they actually became friends. One day Numbat says it family story where they used to live happily. Now it is missing its parents. The tribal boy wants to send Numbat back to the forest to live with its family. But he cannot open the cage. Help Numbat and the tribal boy to solve the puzzles to unlock the cage. Enjoy playing. Keep winning. Have fun! Keep playing zoozoogames.com
Mouse Interaction
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2018-03-15 06:43:28
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